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ADDICTION surfboards by UWL

Louis Robert, founder of the ADDICTION Surfboards label in Canada, began as a skate manufacture, then
snowboard and finally turned to the world of surfing.
Passionate by the retro and authentic design, he managed in all those years of shaping from California to Europe, he learned many different style along the road and fusion them to create this very distinct style of retro shape.

In love and passionate for artwork, tinted resin and pinstriping, Louis Robert and Renaud Cardinal decided to join forces in 2000. The North American shaper moved to to UWL Workshop. worked or a few years and decided to moved back to America where is roots belong…

UwL decided to continue the Addiction adventure, the workshop took the direction of the label. The line is developed, fresh full of new models where the perfection for finishes are priority.

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NEW MODEL ! the DARK KEY longboard by Addiction.

Shape: Deep double concave.
Comment : This new Addiction Surfboards design is an updated classic noserider! It is not a retro longboard, but it is a great noserider that can turn and surf close to the pocket.
It has a bit backward wide point for more projection off the turn, a long blended concave and a narrow nose that give more controle while noseriding.
This longboard is a progressive noserider for the newschool classic longboarding !
Regular dimensions : 9’4″x23″x3″ 74L

More informations….

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